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Spring is Coming: The Best Fishing Season on the Paraná River Argentina

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As spring approaches, anglers around the world prepare for the highly anticipated second half of the fishing season on the Paraná River. This renowned river, famous for its abundant golden dorado, transforms into a fishing paradise from September through December. If you’re planning a fishing trip to the Paraná River, understanding why this time of year is considered the best for fishing is crucial.

According to experts, September and October are the prime months for fishing on the Paraná River. During these months, fish activity increases significantly, resulting in higher success rates for anglers. The favorable weather and optimal river conditions contribute to this uptick in activity.

During the spring season, the river ecosystem is revitalized by warmer waters and seasonal rains. The water temperature rises above 18 degrees Celsius, creating ideal conditions for fish to become more active and approach the surface in search of food. This increased activity makes it easier for anglers to capture their targets.

Spring Fishing Highlights

Warmer Waters and Strategic Migrations:
As the water warms and the river level increases, golden dorados migrate to strategic locations to feed in preparation for spawning. Golden Lodge is located on this location so called the cradle of dorados. This migration period provides anglers with substantial opportunities for significant catches and record size golden dorados. Unlike other times of the year, the presence of juveniles and other species like Pacú is still minimal, allowing anglers to focus primarily on XL Golden Dorados.
Targeting Structured Waters:
Spring is the perfect time to target the river’s structured waters, which are rich with sunken logs and rocky shorelines. These areas are prime hunting grounds for dorados, who use the cover to ambush their prey.
Exploring Island Heads and Ambush Points:
Island heads and well-defined ambush points become hotspots during this season. Dorados, primed for the catch, frequent these areas, offering anglers the chance to encounter and land some of the largest specimens of the season.
Water Clarity and Fly Selection:
With the crystal-clear waters of the river, lighter flies are preferred as the sunlight filters beautifully through the water. At dawn and dusk, darker flies can be more effective. Chartreuse or yellow flies are commonly used, and slightly smaller flies are recommended since the dorados are just beginning to open their mouths and feed. They are not yet as aggressive, so a slower strip retrieve is used compared to other times of the year.
Temperature and Line Choices:
As the water temperature begins to rise above 16 degrees Celsius and settles around 18 degrees, it becomes more comfortable for the dorado. For fishing sand flats with sighted fish, floating lines are utilized. For advanced casters, the ELITE PREDATOR FLY LINE Float/Medium Sink/Fast Sink (F/S5/S7) is ideal. Beginners practicing double haul might prefer a full intermediate tropical line or a sinking tip like the Rio ELITE PREDATOR FLY LINE Float/Hover/Intermediate Float/1ips/2ips.
Late Spring: Increased River Flows and Clearer Waters
Late September through October is characterized by increased river flows and clearer waters. This period marks an excellent opportunity for encountering both resident and migratory dorado. The combination of improved visibility and higher water levels enhances the fishing experience, allowing anglers to potentially land some of the largest dorados of the year.
Looking Ahead to the Summer Season
While spring offers exceptional fishing conditions, the summer season from January to April also presents its own unique opportunities. During summer, the majority of the dorado population resides in the upper section of the river, focusing on post-spawn feeding. This period is ripe with baitfish, creating superb conditions for targeting large dorado and experiencing exceptional sight-fishing opportunities.

Plan Your Spring Fishing Adventure

As the second half of the fishing season begins in September, now is the perfect time to plan your trip to the Paraná River. With optimal weather conditions, increased fish activity, and the opportunity to target the majestic golden dorado, spring promises an unforgettable fishing adventure. Don’t miss out on this prime time to experience the thrill and excitement of fishing in one of the world’s most renowned angling destinations.
Prepare your gear, book your trip, and get ready to embark on a fishing journey like no other. The Paraná River awaits, and the golden dorado are primed for the catch.


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