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Upper Paraná River, Corrientes, Argentina

Golden fly fishing team

The Golden Lodge

Golden Fly Fishing is a family business built by two brothers born on the banks of the High Paraná River in Argentina.

We’ll share the experience and knowledge we’ve acquired over 17 years while providing the most unique, professional and personalized service available in the region.

    Founder & Guide

    Vicente Botta

    (Bachelor of Business Administration)

    Vicente is a lover of fly fishing, the Golden Dorado, the Paraná River and the secrets that this majestic river holds. He has been practicing fly fishing for 17 years, and has dedicated his life to teaching, and to giving casting and fly tying clinics. He is certainly the dean of many of the Paraná river fishing guides.

    Founder & Manager

    Vittorio Botta

    (Bachelor of Business Administration)

    Vittorio has a strong commitment to his guest’s comfort. Over the years, he has taken on many roles within the Lodge: CHEF, bringing family recipes and international flavors to the kitchen; GUIDE, swimming after your fish if stuck among submerged trees; MANAGER, evacuating all guest’s doubts and accompanying in this incomparable experience. With special detail to comfort, adventure and flavor, it’s a combo that can only be understood as PASSION.


    Let them live, they'll do the rest!

    100% catch & release

    This is one of the founding principles of our company and we seek to transmit it to our clients.

    Our fly fishing clinics to clients and local fishermen help banish the “catch-and-kill” culture that negatively affects the majestic Paraná River.

    We participate in natural resources research of public and private organisms destined to the study and preservation of the fish of our environment. Join us!

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