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2024 Season Surprises: Clear Waters, Lots of Golden Dorados

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The 2024 fishing season at Golden Fly Fishing was anticipated with the expectation of high river levels, a scenario that often presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. However, nature had a different script in mind, and the season unfolded under the guise of low and exceptionally clear waters. This unexpected turn of events transformed the fishing landscape at the High Paraná River, particularly spotlighting the exhilaration of sight fishing on the sand flats for golden dorados. But that was just the beginning of the surprises that awaited our anglers this year.
The High Paraná River, renowned for its bountiful waters and diverse aquatic life, presented a unique visage in 2024. The clarity of the water, far from being a hindrance, became the season’s most attractive feature. Anglers discovered the unparalleled beauty and thrill of sight fishing, a technique that requires clear water, no wind, casting techniques and angler’s audacity to spot and target fish.

Golden Dorados on Dry Flies

The clarity of the water not only enhanced the effectiveness of sight fishing the flats but also immensely enriched the experience, enabling anglers to catch an impressive tally of over 10 dorados daily per angler using dry flies and light gear. Observing a dorado pursue a dry fly in the pristine waters offered an exhilarating moment that many considered the zenith of the fly fishing experience.

Pirá Pytá on the Fly: Dry Fly Fishing at Its Finest

Not to be overshadowed, the dry fly fishing for Pira Pita turned into an unexpected spectacle of the season. Anglers found themselves amidst a frenzy of activity, catching more than 20 Pira Pitas per person per day. This extraordinary success can be attributed to the low water levels, which concentrated fish in specific areas, making them more accessible and receptive to dry flies. The artistry and excitement of dry fly fishing were elevated to new heights, offering anglers a prolific and visually stunning fishing experience.

The Elusive Pacú on the Fly: A Challenge Amidst the Bounty

While the season brought abundant opportunities for Dorado and Pirá Pytá, the elusive Pacú presented a unique challenge. Known for their affinity for feeding on fruit from overhanging trees, these sizable fish found the low water levels less accommodating. With their preferred feeding grounds on the shores becoming scarce, Pacús migrated to the deeper, main channel of the river. This shift required anglers to adapt their strategies, seeking deeper waters and employing different techniques to entice these wary fish. Although challenging, the pursuit of Pacú added a layer of complexity and excitement to the fishing adventure. Nevertheless many anglers achieved the GFF Grand Slam, with Pacú on the fly with decent size…they will become “torta” for next season, as we like to call the big monster Pacú.

Reflecting on a Season of Surprises

The 2024 season at Golden Fly Fishing was a testament to the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of fly fishing. What was expected to be a season marked by high water levels turned into a showcase of the unique opportunities presented by low and clear waters. Anglers, both novice and experienced, found themselves adapting to these conditions, discovering new techniques, and reveling in the abundance of fish.

The season was not only about the fish caught but the memories created and the lessons learned. It highlighted the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and the sheer joy of fishing. Each cast brought with it the promise of excitement, each catch a story to be told, and each day a new adventure on the water.

As we look forward to the next season, we do so with the knowledge that each year brings its own set of conditions and surprises. At Golden Fly Fishing, we remain committed to providing an unparalleled fishing experience, guided by our passion for the sport, the beauty of the High Paraná River, and the community we’ve built around this cherished pastime.

Cast Your Line with Us

The 2024 season has set a new benchmark for what fly fishing can offer. Whether you’re drawn by the thrill of sight fishing for golden dorados on the sand flats, the artistry of dry fly fishing for Pirá Pytá, or the challenge of seeking out the elusive Pacú, Golden Fly Fishing is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure.
Contact us to learn more about our offerings and book your journey into the heart of Argentina’s fly fishing paradise. Embrace the unexpected, and let the clear waters of the High Paraná River reveal the abundant surprises waiting beneath its surface.


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